Triple Acting Hydraulic Press (500 kN)

The Institute for Production Engineering and Forming Machines has a tryout press with three different operating modes: conventional, double membrane and hydroforming.

The press is used for producing component geometries in the range of cold and warm forming. A force sensor mounted in the tool frame and a displacement sensor mounted on the press frame enable the recording of a high-resolution force-displacement curve. In addition, all relevant information provided by the press control can be recorded. An extension of the flexible measuring system with temperature sensors or similar equipment is possible.

Hydraulic tryout press with hydroforming function
Hydraulic tryout press with hydroforming function

Technical data

  • Punch force: Fmax,S = 430 kN
  • Punch displacement: smax,S = 500 mm
  • Blankholder force: Fmax,N = 220 kN
  • Blankholder displacement: smax,N = 250 mm
  • Closing force for hydroforming: Fmax = 650 kN
  • Drawing cushion: available
  • Tool space: L x W x H: 300 mm x 300 mm x 400 mm