Prototype of the 3D Servo Press (3 DOF, 10 kN)

The 3D Servo Press is a servo motor driven press providing a flexible ram motion with various degrees of freedom. It was developed at PtU and is operated on site. Three drive systems, each consisting of a servo motor and a crank mechanism, are used for the movement of the ram at three points.

The drive mechanisms are able to perform high stroke rates as commonly known from conventional mechanical presses. Since they can be controlled independently, the translation of the tool center point (TCP) in z-direction and the rotations around the x- and y-axis can be realized freely.

Technical data

  • 3 servo drives
  • 2 spindle drives
  • Press force: 10 kN
  • max. stroke rate: nmax 200/min
  • max. stroke at nmax 41 mm
  • max. stroke combined: 100 mm
  • press bed width: 790 mm
  • press bed depth: 620 mm