Confocal Microscope µSurf® (Stationary and Mobile)

In order to perform surface examinations in 3D, special confocal microscopes are required. The Institute for Production Engineering and Forming Machines currently has three different confocal measuring systems. This also includes a portable measuring system. In addition to individual measurements in magnification factors from 10 to 100, large-area images from individual images can also be combined. By using special evaluation software, surface characteristics, profile cuts and volume evaluations can then be investigated.

Figure 1: 3D measuring systems at the institute

Measuring principle

Figure 2: Measuring principle

A light beam is focused on the test objects surface by a multi-pinhole disc (MPD). The MPD reduces the light to the focused part, returns to the measuring device and to a camera (resolution up to 2.048x2.048). By this principle, stray light can be prevented during the measurement.

Figure 3: 3D surface measurement of a curved tool