Hardness Tester DuraScan 20 – Struers

The DuraScan 20 by Struers is a semiautomatic hardness testing device with a Vickers indenter, various object lenses as well as a motor-driven z-axis and object lens revolver.


To measure the hardness, the machine inserts the pyramidal indenter in the test sample and measures the diagonal length of the diamond-shaped indentation. Depending on the diagonal length as well as the testing force, the machine is able to determine the hardness of the tested sample.

Field of application

The big variability of the DuraScan 20 allows measurements with testing forces between 10 gf and 10 kgf. Because of that, the hardness testing device is able to determine the micro hardness of single metallographic constituents on the one side as well as the macro hardness on the other side. Also the testing of curved part shapes is enabled by the special software of Struers.

Technical data

  • Manufacturer: Struers
  • System configuration: DuraScan 20
  • Measurement time: about 30 seconds for each measurement
  • Testing forces: 10 gf to 10 kgf
  • Calibratet Tests: HV 0.1; HV 1; HV 10
  • Object lenses: 10x, 20x and 40x with 2x digital zoom
  • Motor-driven sixfold object lens revolver
  • Measurement table with micrometer adjustment screws
  • Translation of Vickers hardness values to Brinell and Rockwell
  • Automatic evaluation and compilation of test certificates