Stand for the Flexible Roll Forming

Stand for the flexible roll forming represents a further development of the conventional roll forming, which allows manufacturing sheet metal parts with non-linear progression of the bending edge line and variable cross section in lengthwise direction.

The process and tool system for the flexible roll forming has been developed at the PtU. The tool system is open loop controlled and a variation of the control parameters enables the production of a wide bandwidth of different part geometries.

Figure 1: Stand for flexible roll forming

Figure 2: Example components

  • width of profile: 150 mm – 400 mm
  • height of profile: up to 60 mm
  • sheet thickness: up to 60 mm
  • bending angle: 0° to 90° in 9 increments
  • angle of the progression of the bending edge line: up to 30°
  • symmetrical profiles and process guidance