Strip drawing test rig for fibrous materials and plastics

The friction test rig is designed for the determination of Coulomb friction coefficients at lower normal force conditions with high accuracy.

It is designed in the style of metal strip drawing tests. The test rig consists of a pneumatic normal force unit and a servo-electric draw unit. The normal force is applied by four structurally identical pneumatic cylinders and can reach up to 6.6 kN at a pressure of 10 bar. With a testing area of 40 mm x 40 mm, a contact normal force of about 4 N/mm2 is generated. The accuracy depends on the proportional regulation valve and is +/-0.00625 N/mm2 at the maximum.

With the servo-electric linear axis, a relative speed of up to 350 mm/s with an acceleration of 27 mm/s2 is accessible. For the investigation of the influence of temperature, the test area can be heated up from room temperature up to 200°C.