Ultraschall-„MiniScanner“ – Amsterdam Technology

The ultrasonic “MiniScanner” from Amsterdam Technology is an ultrasonic testing device which converts all recorded ultrasonic signals of a scan sequence into a so-called C-scan-image. By a two-dimensional colored representation, e.g. spot welds can be inspected swiftly for defects. For this purpose, the ultrasonic signal of each scan point (A-scan) is characterized by means of time apertures, which determine the inspection depth. The transducer, which moves within the scanning unit, enables a local high-resolution analysis of the inspected part to be carried out in a short time. Small parts can be analyzed in a water bath, while large parts can be inspected in sections using a gel-like coupling medium. (Source: Amsterdam Technology)

At the project for the Investigation of the formation mechanisms of the bonding zone in impact welding (opens in new tab), the scanner was used in order to do a fast analysis of the quality and quantity of the material closed bond in relation to the process parameters.

Technical Data (Source: Amsterdam Technology):

- scanning surface: 12 mm x 25 mm

- resolution of the scan: 0.1 mm x 0.1 mm

- scan time: 4 s

- maximal testing temperature: 50°C