GOM Aramis – Optical 3D Deformation and Motion Measurement

GOM ARAMIS is an optical system for 3D-deformation analysis and GOM ARGUS measures the formability of sheet metal parts

3D-Deformation analysis with GOM ARAMIS

Manufacturer’s information – GOM ARAMIS

ARAMIS helps to better understand material and component behavior and is ideally suited to monitor experiments with high temporal and local resolution. ARAMIS is a non-contact and material independent measuring system providing, for static or dynamically loaded test objects, accurate

  • 3D surface coordinates
  • 3D displacements and velocities
  • Surface strain values (major and minor strain, thickness reduction)
  • Strain rates

A better understanding of material- and component part behavior is crucial for the application of new materials, the precise determination of material parameters and the improvement of FEA models.

Measuring of sheet metal deformation with GOM ARGUS

Manufacturer’s information – GOM ARGUS

All results are presented in a fine resolution mesh created from the determination of the 3D coordinates and reflecting the surface of the measured object. In the Forming Limit Diagram the measurement results are compared to the material characteristics of the blank (Forming Limit Curve) to determine critical forming areas.

ARGUS supports optimization processes in sheet metal forming with

  • Detection of critical deformation areas
  • Solving complex forming problems
  • Verification of FEA tools

The optical 3D forming analysis system ARGUS supports such optimization processes with precise results of the forming distribution of components.

The measuring system operates independently of the material used to analyze components made from flat blanks, tubes or other components manufactured by an internal high pressure forming process (IHPF).

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