Hexagon Absolut Arm – Articulated arm coordinate measuring machine and laser scanner

High-accuracy touch probing performance together with high-end, high-productivity scanning from the Absolute Scanner AS1 – the Absolute Arm 7-Axis is a multifunctional measurement tool that delivers clear productivity improvements through increased usability and versatility. The renowned Absolute Encoders placed in every articulated joint of the Absolute Arm make it the only portable measuring arm on the market to eliminate encoder referencing and frustrating system warm-up times, boosting productivity while delivering high-end accuracy. Built on a foundation of high-tech carbon-fibre tube construction, the Absolute Arm maintains strength and thermal stability under any environmental conditions, offering reliable accuracy whatever the environment. (Source: Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence)

Technical data

Absolut Arm 8525-7

  • Maximum reach: 2,98 m
  • Maximum permissible longitudinal error of measurement according to ISO 10360-12:2016: 0,031 mm

Laserscanner AS-1

  • Accuracy: 0,016 mm
  • Points per frame: max. 4000
  • Frame rate: max. 300 Hz
  • Line width (mid): 150 mm
  • Scanning System Accuracy: LDIA according to ISO 10360-8 Annex D: 0,047 mm