Production Technology

“Production Technology” is a compulsory lecture for students of mechanical and process engineering as well as industrial engineering. It is also offered to students of educational degrees at vocational schools with an industrial and technical focus.

The lecture covers production technologies like primary shaping and forming.

The primary contents are:

  • Boundary conditions and aims of the production technology
  • Fundamentals and processes of primary shaping technologies
  • Fundamentals and processes of forming technologies
  • Examples from real life production


Semester hours per week

Credit Points
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. P. Groche

Simon Biffar, M. Sc.
Philipp Gehringer M. Sc.


Begin 15.10.2019
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Please be on time.
Contents 1. Introduction to Production Engineering

2. Primary Shaping
2.1 Casting Processes
  • Basics of Primary Shaping
  • Casting Materials
  • Design Rules
  • Processes with Lost Moulds
  • Processes with Permanent Moulds
2.2 Powder Metallurgy
2.3 Generative Processes

3. Forming
3.1 Basics of Metal Forming
3.2 Massive Forming
3.3 Sheet Metal Forming
3.4 Special Processes
3.5 Forming Machines