9-axis laser machining center 3DMicromac

Laser structuring is increasingly used to modify surfaces. In this process, raised microprofiles are generated, which cause the highest possible static friction to the opposing body. The pulsed laser beam is focused in one point on the material surface, resulting in locally very high intensities.


  • Generation of deterministic structures on workpieces or tools in the µm range
  • Micro-machining of forming tools through targeted material removal


  • Frequency-doubled diode-pumped nanosecond solid state laser
  • Machining of free-form surfaces and rotationally symmetrical components up to 1000 mm in length

Machine data:

Lasermedium ND:YVO_4
Wavelength 532 nm
Nominal pulse power 8 W
Frequency 20 bis 100 kHz
Pulse energy 400 μJ @ 30kHz
Pulse duration 18ns @ 30 kHZ