Combined Tensile Compression Test Machine

Material Testing Machine Allround-Line 100 kN

  • nominal load 100 kN
  • high test speeds from 0.0001 to 1500 mm/min
  • 8 module slots for additional measuring instruments
  • possibility of expansion by a heating chamber
  • clamping of high-strength materials
  • suited for tensile and compression tests
  • suited for round and flat specimens

Video Extensometer – videoXtens

  • non-contact measurement of longitudinal and lateral deformations
  • automatic gage mark recognition and recording of initial gage length
  • high resolution (0,25 μm)
  • determination of the elasticity modulus during tensile tests
  • r- and n-value determination
  • large measuring range (up to 200 mm, corresponds to a elongation of 300% using DIN-specimens)
  • LED illumination system for measurements independent of ambient light
  • time-synchronous record