Measurement technology for process integration and online recording of process parameters and states


  • Direct and indirect measurement between 0N and 2MN
  • Force measuring rings, boxes and platforms
  • Use of piezoelectric and piezoresistive effect

Acceleration and acoustic emission

  • 1-axis and 3-axis measurement
  • Up to ±500g
  • Frequency ranges from 0.5Hz to 900kHz

Optical systems

  • Inline part measurement by CMOS cameras
  • 1600x1200px resolution
  • Up to 60 frames/second

Lengths and positions

  • Potentiometric and inductive displacement transducers from ±1mm to 375mm
  • Eddy current sensors for highest resolution
  • Dynamic distance detection by laser triangulation (±6mm)


  • Tactile and non-contact surface measurement
  • Measuring ranges from -200 to 1150°C

Other sensors

  • Layer thickness measurement from 0 to 2000µm
  • Acoustic, thermography and 3D tracking cameras
  • Tachometers
  • Load cells up to 1t