Energy efficiency at the PtU and at home


A new year begins and a central topic also dominates the research activities at PtU: energy efficiency. We at PtU have been working on energy-optimising measures in forming processes for quite some time. In the past, for example, we were able to demonstrate that intelligent data analysis in a roll-forming process (opens in new tab) could reduce the power requirement by 15% by coordinating the torques of individual process stages in a targeted manner. Furthermore, a process model was developed with which it will be possible to systematically identify potentials for increased energy efficiency in forming processes. In a process for the production of nanostructured titanium for dental implants, the power consumption could be reduced by 13% for the same output quantity.

The employees of the PtU follow the recommendations, measures and framework conditions of the TU Darmstadt and, by applying them, make a fundamental contribution to reducing heat and energy consumption.

The PtU wishes you an energy-efficient and successful year 2023.