Patrick Volke has successfully completed his PhD


On 18.10.2022, the successful disputation of our former research assistant Patrick Volke took place. His dissertation is entitled “Use of conversion layer-free lubricants in cold massive forming of stainless steels”.

Cold forging processes are characterised by the efficient production of highly stressable components with a near-net-shape geometry. The expansion of the material spectrum from unalloyed and low-alloyed steels to higher-strength, corrosion-resistant steels makes it possible to increase the range of applications for cold forming. The lubricant system currently used in cold forging of stainless steels, based on conversion coatings, is fraught with ecological and economic problems. Single-layer lubricants as possible alternatives have not yet been sufficiently investigated for the forming of stainless steels.

In his work, Mr Volke investigates the question of how the use of conversion layer-free lubricant systems can be realised for the cold massive forming of stainless steels. The focus of Mr Volke's investigations is the temperature-dependent performance as well as the lubricant thinning of single-layer lubricant systems under the tribological loads of cold massive forming processes of stainless steels.

Mr Volke succeeded in improving the numerical temperature determination by determining heat transfer coefficients under the load spectrum prevailing in cold massive forming. Furthermore, he was able to realise the quantitative measurement of lubricant layer thicknesses with a methodology based on fluorescence measurement procedures.

With his work, Mr Volke enables a load-appropriate process design and contributes to the implementation of conversion layer-free lubricant systems in the cold massive forming of stainless steels.

The PtU thanks Patrick Volke for his many years of commitment and wishes him all the best and much success for his professional and private future.