Henning Husmann has successfully graduated his doctorate


On 12.07.2022 the successful disputation of our former scientific employee Henning Husmann occurred. His dissertation is entitled “Fundamentals of Joining and Pre-stressing of Sheet Metal Structures with FRP Tendons by Forming”.

Mr. Husmann worked out the fundamentals for a structure-, productivity- and robustness-optimized joining and prestressing of sheet metal support structures with tendons made of FRP in order to increase the weight-specific strength and stiffness with respect to loads occurring in the preferred direction.

After identifying the requirements, Mr. Husmann developed connection and prestressing concepts based on strain distributions generated by forming technology and the use of the springback effect, which he validated using numerical and experimental tests and analytical models.

Through his work, Mr. Husmann enables the transfer of the lightweight construction approach known from civil engineering to previously unexploited sectors with an affinity for lightweight construction, such as the mobility sector. In particular, this includes load-bearing sheet metal structures such as side impact and bumper or longitudinal beams, which benefit from the strength-increasing effect of prestressing.

In addition to his scientific work, Mr. Husmann has strongly shaped the institute over the past years. He has shown a great willingness to help his colleagues and has also left a positive mark on the institute beyond his function as chief engineer. The PtU thanks Mr. Husmann for his many years of commitment and wishes him all the best and much success for his professional and private future.