Measurement and Characterization

At PtU a multitude of modern analysis tools for various investigations are available. In addition to the measurement of geometries and surfaces, changes in shape can be analysed and characteristic values of materials and semi-finished products can be determined.

In research, high-precision measurement technology is essential. The PtU's range of services includes roughness measurements (both tactile and under a confocal white light microscope), the characterization and evaluation of tribological surfaces as well as the measurement and evaluation of wear phenomena on surfaces. Flatness and shape measurements on surfaces as well as the recording of topographies of 3D structures such as textured sheets are also possible. Furthermore, we offer deformation analyses on sheet metal components, optical 3D deformation analyses and high-end 3D digitization of components according to the triangulation principle.

To predict the behavior of materials and semi-finished products in forming processes, it is necessary to characterize them. For the determination of such characteristic values uniaxial tensile and compression tests, Nakajima tests, hydraulic cupping tests and tube burst tests can be performed at the PtU.