Modelling and Simulation

The PtU has extensive experience in the field of modelling and simulation of forming systems. This also includes the scientific understanding of tribological mechanisms.

The model-based assessment of processes and workflows in forming technology is an integral part of research and development at PtU. This enables us to provide qualified statements on a multitude of forming technology issues. An essential part of this is the simulation by means of the most up-to-date finite element software. Various software packages and state-of-the-art hardware equipment are available for this purpose, so that even complex calculations can be carried out in a relatively short time.

In particular, the modelling of tribological systems is one of our key competences. Using FEM, loading conditions in the system can be reliably modelled. Furthermore, friction models are developed and the initiation and development of wear are mapped. An essential part of this, besides the theoretical consideration of the tribological conditions, is the experimental verification of the calculation results.