PtU at the 55th Plenary Meeting of the ICFG


In September 2022, the yearly plenary meeting of the ICFG (International Cold Forging Group) was re-held in Milan, Italy, for the first time after two years of corona-related absence. The four-day conference included subgroup meetings of the groups: “Tool Life and Tool Quality”, “Computational Cold Forging”, “Advanced Precision Forming” and “Lubrication”, exciting plant visits to the Agrati Group and the Sacma Group, interesting presentations on cold forging and a sociable evening programme. The PtU chaired the subgroup meeting of the “Lubrication” group, where results of past work were presented and future research projects were discussed. Besides Prof. Groche , PtU was also represented by Prof. Hu and Jonas Launhardt (participants of the Excellence Programme at PtU), who together presented the conference paper “Modeling of friction in cold forging considering a wide range of tribological conditions (Hu et al)”. The paper comprises the results of a joint international student project with teams from China, Japan, France and Germany.