Tutorial Control of Forming Machines

Assistants Alexander Breunig, M. Sc.
Benedikt Niessen, M. Sc.
Credit Points 4
Aim On successful completion of this module, students should be able to:
  • Explain the principles of control systems of forming machines.
  • Describe and differentiate between the architectures of industrial and scientific control systems.
  • Apply the industrially established programming language according to IEC 61131 as well as the scientifically established language LabView for the implementation of controllers and control procedures.
  • Autonomously generate solutions for the control of forming technological test stands and small machines.
  • Transfer learned programming skills to real time systems and implement an independently running control system.
  • Understand and analyse an assigned task, to design a control sequence, to identify appropriate hardware, to implement the control application and to finally validate it on an appropriate machine.
Course The tutorial is conducted as a block course (2 weeks). On the first day an introductory lecture on the basics of the control of forming machines will take place. Afterwards, the participants learn to deal with the programming languages IEC 61131 and LabView and their application on the correspondent real time systems (Rexroth MLC and NI cRIO) in the context of a tutorial. On the fourth day, participants will receive a selected exercise in the field of forming technology, which has to be solved independently. In this process, the focus is set on the implementation of the code and realization on the corresponding machine as well as extensive test runs.
  • According to prior agreement about once per semester
  • Registration in waiting list
  • The tutorial takes place in 2 weeks full-time
Number of Participants
  • 4–8 persons
  • Single and team registration possible
  • Basic knowledge in programming
  • General computer skills