Stahl fliegt

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Assistant Thiemo Germann M. Sc.
Credit Points 4
Aim The students develop and manufacture a flying object completely assembled of steel components. This work is conducted on schedule and under a fixed budget. Within this project, the students learn to use steel as lightweight material.
Course After the handover of the task and the set of rules, the students work independently in teams of up to four students. First, in the concept phase possible variants of the flight model have to be developed and evaluated. As part of an interim presentation, the concepts are presented and discussed with the assistant. Next follows the fabrication and optimization of the flying objects. Within a flight competition, the students will compete against colleagues from different universities from Germany. Finally, the students summarize their results in a written draft and recite them in a presentation.
Dates • Summer semester
• The tutorial takes about 3 months
Number of Participants • 4–16 persons
• Individual and team registration possible
Conditions • Completed B.Sc. MPE
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