Entwicklung eines optischen kamerabasierten Kraft-/ Drehmomentsensors mit optoelektronischer Datenübertragung

Development of an optical camera-based force/torque sensor based on optoelectronic data transmission

Masterthesis, Bachelorthesis, Advanced Design Project (ADP)

Smart, load-bearing structures are used in many areas. These areas have expanded greatly in the course of progressive digitization under the keyword “Industry 4.0” or “Internet of Things”.

At the department of PtU, smart structures are created by the forming integration of functional materials in hollow tubes. The camera-based measuring concepts developed at PtU allow the production of sensor structures with extended sensor functionality at reduced costs.

To produce sensor structures with small cross sections (4 – 10 mm), the existing sensor has to be further developed. Here, the application of optical fibers offers great potential, since the bulky components of the sensor can be moved outside.

Further details about the topic or the exact work content can be discussed in a personal meeting.

Research method

Theoretical, experimental, constructive, numerical