Konstruktive Optimierung der Scherzug-Prüfvorrichtung von kollisionsgeschweißten Verbindungen

Design optimization of a shear tensile testing device for collision welded joints

Advanced Design Project (ADP)

Collision welding is a material-closed joining process in which two joining partners form a joint by an impact at high normal speed (>250 m/s). Due to the low heat input and favorable microstructure developments, high-strength joints can be made even between dissimilar metals. Explosive welding and electromagnetic pulse welding are already in industrial use. However, the exact mechanisms leading to the formation of the material bond are still unknown.

For basic research, a test rig has been developed at PtU that can mechanically generate the collision under precisely defined conditions and allows a detailed investigation of the influencing variables. The bond strength is an important evaluation criterion for the bond. However, this cannot be determined with sufficient accuracy at present.

Therefore, the existing test equipment is to be analyzed and optimized within the scope of this ADP.

Research method

Experimental, constructive, numerical