Entwicklung einer Prüfmethodik zur Charakterisierung von Bauteilen mit angepassten Wandstärken

Development of a test methodology for the characterization of components with adapted wall thicknesses

Bachelorthesis, Advanced Design Project (ADP)

In a four-stage forming process, high-strength aluminum is formed into the demonstrator geometry shown on the right. Here, the focus is on thickening the nozzle, as this ensures that the force is applied to the final component in a manner appropriate to the load. The forming is carried out with different temperature-supported process routes, which influence the final properties of the component.

In order to be able to characterize these more precisely, a holistic test methodology is to be developed within the scope of this thesis.

This results in the following work packages:

  • Literature research of existing test procedures and development of a test methodology
  • Construction and commissioning of a suitable test bench
  • Holistic evaluation of the existing components

The exact work content can be explained in detail and individually adapted in a non-binding discussion (e.g. via zoom).

Research method

Experimental, Constructive, Numerical