Identifikation von Anwendungsfeldern für Produkte aus hochfestem Aluminium

Identification of fields of application for products made of high-strength aluminium

Advanced Design Project (ADP)

High-strength aluminum combines high strength with low weight and is therefore ideal for lightweight construction applications. However, industrial use has so far been inhibited by the complex process control (due to temperature-controlled forming processes) and the high price of the material.

Intensive research is currently being carried out to expand the range of forming possibilities. Now it is necessary to identify concrete fields of application for the use of the high-strength aluminum alloys.

This will result in the following work packages:

  • Development of the characteristics of high-strength aluminum and comparison with alternative materials
  • Literature research on previous areas of application
  • Identification of concrete fields of application taking into account a specific use case / product range

The exact work content can be explained in detail and individually adapted in a non-binding discussion (e.g. via zoom).

Research method