Entwicklung einer Wärmerückführung in einer Prozesskette zur Herstellung von hochfesten Aluminiumrohren

Design of a heat recovery system in a process chain for the production of high-strength aluminium tubes

Advanced Research Project (ARP), Advanced Design Project (ADP)

The high-strength aluminum alloy EN AW-7075 used in aircraft construction is heat treated and quenched in a roll forming process at 480 °C. The process-integrated heat treatment is used to adjust the strength properties of the tube in a targeted manner. The heat treatment requires process heat, which is to be recovered during quenching in the form of heat or other forms of energy.

Against the background that almost 25% of the energy consumed in Germany is so-called process heat, the recirculation of process heat is of great interest.

Within the ADP different strategies for heat recovery (e.g. heat pump, circulation thermostat, magnetocaloric effect, energy storage) are investigated and evaluated. This is followed by the development of the best concepts as well as a feasibility analysis for the implementation of the concepts on the process chain for the production of the aluminium tubes.

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Research method

Theoretical, Constructive