Industrie 4.0 und BigData in der Produktionstechnik – Implementierung einer OPC UA Schnittstelle

Industry 4.0 and BigData in production engineering – Implementation of an OPC UA interface

Advanced Design Project (ADP)

The industry speaks OPC UA!

Open Platform Communications Unified Architecture (OPC UA) is the “gold standard” in platform independent industrial communication. The standard works independently of the operating system and the manufacturer of a product and is therefore practically set in industry 4.0 applications.

Within the scope of an ADP, the existing OPC UA interface of a high-speed press is to be tapped and read out. For this purpose, the possibility for training and experimenting on site at the press in the test field is given. The data will be fed into an existing cRio measuring system and visually displayed via LabView.

The students qualify in the industry 4.0 language OPC UA.

Details can be explained in a personal meeting.

Research method