Forming Machines I + II | MUT I + II

Forming Machines I + II are lectures belonging to the main studies of mechanical engineering and industrial engineering as well as studies for the teaching profession in technical disciplines. The lectures cover fundamentals of metal forming with the machinery, manufactory and handling equipment required for this purpose. Besides theoretical lectures, students will have the opportunity to participate in practical exercises.



Semester hours per week

Credit Points


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. Peter Groche

Richard Werner M. Sc.
Marco Becker M. Sc.


MUT I: 2 CP | MUT II: 2 CP

For lecture 1 and 3 basic knowledge is required. This can be learnt (by oneself) with a separate lecture-video. The videos are available via Moodle. The pratical exercise will take place between the two lectures of each part. The dates will be published during the lecture.

Video-Lecture 1: Thursday, 29.04.2021

Video-Lecture 2: Thursday, 27.05.2021

Video-Lecture 3: Thursday, 10.06.2021

Video-Lecture 4: Thursday, 01.07.2021

Due to the current situation, lectures in this semester will be held digitally and will be available live on video or recorded on the dates mentioned above.
You will receive all information about the schedule in the Moodle course shortly before the respective date. The online videos already available in advance will continue to serve as a basis for the video lectures I and III.
Lecture materials The lecture materials can be downloaded from the Moodle course.
Examination date
  • Thursday, 21.04.2022 (registration deadline PtU: Mar. 24, 2022)
  • Thursday, 19.05.2022 (registration deadline PtU: Apr. 21, 2022)
  • Thursday, 09.06.2022 (registration deadline PtU: May 12, 2022)
Examination time



Date arrangement
The exact time of the examination will be determined at least 4 days before the examination. The students will be notified by e-mail.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. Peter Groche

L1|01 148

From November 2021, the examinations in Forming Machines I and II will again take place as a combined module examination consisting of a written and an oral part.
The examinations will be held in presence using 3G with hygiene concept.

Exam registration follows as before, see below.
  • Apply for your wanted examination date at the PtU
  • After positive feedback, enroll in TUCaN
Students should apply for an examination date at least 4 weeks in advance (see application deadlines) at the secretary´s office or by e-mail sending the wanted examination date, matriculation number and mobile number.

Contact Person
Sabine Passet
Available from Monday till Thursday 10:00–12:00 o'clock

Content of the lecture Forming machines I

• Basics
• Classification
• Path-driven presses
• Assemblies
• Characteristics
• Design

Forming machines II
• Force-driven presses
• Work-driven presses
• New machine Concepts