Kalibration und Inbetriebnahme aerodynamischer Sondenmesstechnik am transsonischen Axialverdichterprüfstand

Calibration and commissioning of aerodynamic probe measurement technology at a transonic compressor test rig

Masterthesis, Bachelorthesis


The Department of Gas Turbines and Aerospace Propulsion has been operating a transonic compressor test rig (TSV1) since 1994. Detailed investigations of the stator hub flow of a shrouded and a “cantilevered” stator are planned at this test rig as part of two research projects. The aim is to be able to assess the effects of the two configurations on the stator hub flows. For this purpose, a time-resolved pressure measurement is to be carried out downstream of the respective stator using a fast aerodynamic boundary layer comb probe.


  • Literature study on aerodynamics and operational performance of transonic compressors and aerodynamic probe measurement techniques.
  • Static, dynamic and aerodynamic calibration of a fast aerodynamic boundary layer comb probe.
  • Test measurement of the stator discharge at TSV1.
  • Development of an evaluation routine and validation of the obtained data.
  • Documentation and presentation of the results.

Research Focus:

  • Data analysis
  • Experimental