Influence of lubricant addition on cooling regimes during spray cooling of heated surfaces

Master Thesis


The goal of the planned Master Study is to experimentally investigate the hydrodynamic mechanisms and heat transfer during the interaction between spray and hot surface and to identify the effects of the lubricants on the outcome of spray impact. The existing experimental installation for spray cooling will be possibly further modified to enable the usage of water-lubricant mixtures. At the beginning, white industrial lubricant will be added to the working fluid, whereas the various parameters, such as: lubricant concentration, mass flow etc., will be varied in the experiments. Another type of lubricant which can be described as a graphite based lubricant dispersion will be used as well. The spray impact will be observed using the high speed video imaging. The heat flux will be measured for various wall temperatures. Finally, the influence of the lubricants on the spray impact outcome and regimes will be characterized.


  • Knowledge of Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics
  • Passion for experimental research
  • Motivation & autonomous working capabillities
  • Preferable knowledge of MATLAB and LabVieW

Working assignments:

  • Research of relevant literature and introduction into the topic
  • Handling and eventual modifications of the existing experimental installation
  • Selection of the relevant parameters which will be varied
  • Performing experiments
  • Evaluation and documentation of results
Spray visualisation of a 1:10 water to lubricant mixture in Nucleate boiling regime