Experimentelle Untersuchung einer transsonischen Verdichterstufe unter inhomogener Zuströmung

Experimental Investigation of a Transonic Compressor Stage under Inhomogeneous Inflow Conditions



The effects of inhomogeneous inlet flow conditions on compressor behavior are being experimentally investigated on the transonic compressor test rig (TSV2) as part of a research project. For this purpose, the inlet inhomogeneity is generated via a so-called suction house, which deflects the air by 90° before it enters the compressor. Newly developed traversing devices at different axial positions allow a measurement of the flow channel over the entire circumference. In this master thesis, the circumferentially distributed measurement data will be evaluated, visualized and interpreted.


  • Literature research and familiarization with the problems of inhomogeneous inlet flow conditions
  • Support during the execution of the experiments at the compressor test bench
  • Extension of the evaluation tools using MATLAB
  • Evaluation, visualization and interpretation of the measurement data


  • experimental
Picture: FG GLR