Digitale Zwillinge in der additiven Fertigung

Digital Twin in Additive Manufacturing

A digital twin (DT) is a digital representation of a physical or immaterial object or process from the real world. Digital twins are more than a database, as they consist of models of the represented object or process and may additionally contain simulations that map and predict behavior. Additive manufacturing (3D printing) is an emerging technology that is becoming established in more and more industries and business sectors. The use of digital twins can potentially counteract many of the drawbacks of additive manufacturing, further establishing the technology. Therefore, this ARP will identify the state of the art on digital twins in the field of additive manufacturing, provide a scientific review and highlight current developments.

Task packages:

  • Comprehensive research on digital twins and their fields of application.
  • Analysis of the additive product life cycle and potential analysis of the DT application fields in the additive product life cycle
  • Feasibility study of the identified application fields
  • Documentation and presentation of the results
Picture: Siemens