Stempel von Aktoren – Funktionsintegration basierend auf verlorenen Stempeln

Stamp of Actuators – Function Integration Based on Lost Stamps

Masterthesis, Bachelorthesis

In addition to the actual forming process, lost punches allow the additional insertion of functional structures, e.g. screw-on points or cable bushings are possible. The special shape of the resulting connection also offers the possibility of implementing a seal. This makes the use on paraffin-based expansion material actuators particularly exciting. These are extremely robust actuators in a steel housing, which can apply actuating forces of up to 100 kN at high internal pressure, but in perspective require a cable connection for electrical heating.

The aim is therefore to use lost dies for forming the radial actuator wall. Of particular importance is the sealing, which is to be examined in detail. How a cable bushing can be integrated into the punch and possible adjustments to the production process round off this exciting task.

The individual aspects are gladly discussed in an initial meeting, and personal interest is also gladly taken into account.

Research method