Smart Machine Elements in Forming Technology


Ciarán Veitenheimer, participant of the excellence program “Forming Your Future”, introduces himself and his future topic

Ciarán Veitenheimer

In 2020, I wrote the thesis for my bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering at the Institute for Production Engineering and Forming Machines (PtU) and was made aware of the Excellence Program in this context. Since I gained my first experience with scientific work during my bachelor’s thesis and wanted to get a deeper insight, I was very excited to get the opportunity to work on my own innovation topic parallel to my master’s degree. Since I have flexible working hours, it is easy to combine with my studies. I particularly like the opportunity to work on a topic by myself and develop own solutions. In addition, if I have any difficulties, I always have a competent contact person to help you.

Within the Excellence Program, I am working on the innovation topic “digitization”, in particular “smart machine elements”. One of the goals of digitization in the industry is to increase the understanding of complex processes. The setting of many parameters is often based on experience, which leads to high downtimes and requires trained personnel. Digitization requires the acquisition of many process data. “Smart machine elements” represent a promising approach to this. They involve the integration of sensors into standardized machine elements, which means that measurements can be taken close to the process and existing machines can be retrofitted easily. My goal is to identify suitable machine elements and to develop a concept for sensor integration.

Forming Your Future – Exzellenz-Programm Umformtechnik

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