Creation of antiseptic and antiviral surfaces


Malaz Arznjani, participant of the excellence program “Forming Your Future”, introduces himself and his future topic.

I am a foreign student from Syria and came to Germany 7 years ago for the purpose of studying. In 2019, I graduated at TU Darmstadt with a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering and then I started my Master's degree. Since 2018, I have been working at PtU as a student research assistant, which has allowed me to gain a lot of research experience in both theory and experimentation. The opportunities to work on my own innovation topic as well as to prepare for a PhD were the main reasons for my decision to join the Excellence Program. In addition, I appreciate the flexible working hours in particular. For these reasons, the Excellence Program is recommendable to all students interested in pursuing a doctorate.

Within the Excellence Program, I am working on the innovation topic “Creation of antiseptic and antiviral surfaces”. The aim is to develop new surface modification methods in order to minimize the virus lifetime on product surfaces. Since we should be able to overcome such pandemics as Covid-19 not only medically but also technically, this innovation topic is very relevant in the future. In order to achieve this goal, investigations are currently being carried out on the structuring of surfaces at the nanoscale. This creates a hydrophobic effect and thus can reduce the number of viruses on product surfaces.

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