Successful Disputation Dr.-Ing. Stefan Köhler


On Tuesday, February 11, 2020, Dr.-Ing. Stefan Köhler successfully defended his doctoral thesis with the title “Web sheet metal forming with rigid tools – systematic extension of process limits and technology transfer to car body construction”.

Under the Olympic motto “Faster, higher, stronger” Dr.-Ing. Köhler presented his extensive research. He focused on the three essential steps of his research – first the development of the fundamentals of web forming with rigid tools, then the extension of the process limits and finally the application of the technology within the framework of a use case from car body construction.

Not only as a scientist, but also as head of the department “Functional and Composite Design”, as a committed employee and good colleague, Dr.-Ing. Köhler has significantly influenced the institute in recent years. We wish him every success and all the best for the future!