Multifunctional profiles by joining functional elements through linear flow splitting process


Linear flow splitting is a massive forming process and is an alternative to conventional manufacturing processes concerning material properties and stiffness of cold roll formed profiles. Roll formed profiles are not only used for stiffening or bearing functions, but also for multifunctional tasks through additional elements. To reach this multifunctionality different manufacturing processes, e.g. stamping, welding or clinching, are used in industry.


The current research at PtU concerns multifunctional profiles, which are manufactured continuously by linear flow splitting. Goal of this research will be to join additional elements through the linear flow splitting process to manufacture flow split profiles with multifunctional properties (Figure [1]).

Picture: PtU Bildarchiv
[2] Flow split profile with joined functional elements

Methodical approach

Through linear flow splitting process-related strains appear in flow split profiles, which will be used for a specific joining process. Placement, element geometry and material pairing will be analyzed and optimized to a stable joining in the linear flow splitting process (Figure [2]).


The project “CRC 666 – Integral Sheet Metal Design with Higher Order Bifurcations” is funded by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)