Efficient algorithms for the simulation of incremental bulk metal forming


Today, finite element programs are applied in modelling incremental bulk metal forming. In general, incremental forming processes are characterized by relatively small forming zones moving through the work piece. Therefore similar forming steps reappear during the manufacturing. The similarity of these forming steps could not be implemented until now in the above mentioned programmes. Enormous computational time could be saved if the similarity of these forming steps would be used.


The aim of this project is therefore to develop the necessary algorithms by minimizing the computational time for simulating incremental bulk metal forming processes. A simulation model for the flow forming of internal and external gears are developed which depict the efficiency of the new developed algorithms. Incremental forming processes distinguish itself in particular by the multiple repetition of similar steps. This similarity could be used to accelerate the simulation.


For the implementation of the new algorithms, the FE-Program package PEP/Larstran can be used, which is outstanding by its modifiability. The verification of simulation results is realized with the help of the commercial software MARC. Besides different numerical criteria, the iterative solution process is analysed. By using the appearing similar steps in this process, improved initial values can be gained for the iteration algorithms so that it converges faster than before.


Computational time can be reduced by half without changing the modular properties with the aid of new developed algorithms. In the future, it will enable us to simulate complex 3D incremental processes with less computational time.