Wear resistance characteristics for the evaluation of tribosystems


The increased relevance of lightweight design intensifies the use of advanced high strength steels (AHSS). Due to the high strength, less material is needed for load bearing. Therefore, parts made of high strength steel and advanced high strength steel allow a weight reduction while strength of the parts remains constant or increases.

However, the use of AHSS leads to higher stresses on the forming tools. Therefore, severe wear occurs on the tool thus making it impossible to achieve the aspired tool life.


The objective of this research project is the development of wear resistance characteristics for tribological systems, which can be used to estimate tool life. The further development of a monitoring system broadens knowledge on the wear development of tribological systems. An additional study provides information on the reproducibility of wear analyses in model tests.

Methodical approach

For experimental tests, the strip drawing test with drawbead geometry is used. The strip drawing test allows simulating real deep drawing and stretch forming conditions and its tribological behavior. The experiments are performed at graduated load levels, so that relationships between stress level and tool life can be examined. The data obtained serve as a basis for the development of wear resistance characteristics. In order to assure the correlations statistically, all experimental tests at different load levels are repeated several times. Furthermore, all data are examined in a subsequent study with regard to their reproducibility.