Development of tool materials and tool coatings for forming processes with the aid of a new sensor technology


The general trend to form high strength steels, the increasing complexity of the formed parts and the increasing demands on the dimensional accuracy intensifies the demands on the tribological system. To increase the tool life and the cost effectiveness of the forming process, it is essential to minimize the tool wear. This requires the use of tool materials and tool coatings, which are suitable for the occurring thermal and mechanical stresses in the contact zone of the forming process.


The main objective is to develop new tool materials and coatings for selected sheet metal and bulk forming processes with the aid of a new sensor technology. The sub-ordinate targets are as follows:

  • Identification of suitable tool-coating combinations in dependency of the tribological stresses
  • Development of a new sensor technology, which allows the measurement of the temperatures and the contact normal stresses in the contact zone
  • Measurement of the tribological stresses with different model tests using the sensor technology developed
  • Verification of finite element analysis
  • Investigation of a correlation between local thermal and mechanical stresses and the resulting tool wear


In collaboration with producers of forming parts and tool coatings, the development and optimization of suitable combinations of tool materials and tool coatings are conducted. For this purpose wear tests, which represent parts of the real sheet metal or bulk forming processes, are used. The experiments go along with finite element analysis, which is verified by a new sensor technology.