Forming – Production Families at Equal Quality

SFB 805 | Subproject B2 | Phase 3

Aim of the investigations is an extensive mathematical process model which represents the interdependencies. This can be used in an early phase for efficient product development and design on one hand. On the other hand it contributes to the design of process control by the derivation of control strategies.


Focus of the investigation is the uncertainty caused by fluctuating properties of semi-finished parts and production environment as well as their influence on product properties. In addition, uncertainty in economic factors is analysed, which is caused by demand fluctuations and reduced product lifecycle times. This is especially relevant because forming processes are usually associated with high preproduction costs. Accordingly, subproject B2 of the collaborative research centre SFB 805 has the purpose to control uncertainty in the production of load-carrying mechanical systems.

Figure 1: Degrees of freedom of the 3D Servo Press: vertical stroke, pitch, roll, orbital cycling

Methodical approach

The approach to control uncertainty is to simultaneously increase product, process, equipment and demand flexibility by extension of degrees-of-freedom of the machine as well as the closed-loop control of product properties. The development of flexible processes and tools, which was done exemplarily in the first phase, is systemized and methodized in the current phase, using the prototype of the 3D Servo Press. This will facilitate future process development. In addition, the approach of controlling product properties is extended from geometry to further product characteristics. This includes investigation of interdependencies, interactions and conflicts of the product properties.


The Collaborative Research Centre 805 “Control of Uncertainties in Load-Bearing Mechanical Engineering Structures” is funded by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)