Multi-size control with feedforward control of formed product properties - basics and application to punch hole rolling

Within the subproject “Fundamentals and application to punch-hole rolling” the fundamentals of multi-variable control of forming generated product properties with disturbance feedforward control are investigated using punch-hole rolling. To carry out the project, a property-controlled, novel forming process including control of microstructure, hardness, surface roughness, temperature and geometry will be implemented and developed. The validation of the controller concept is based on the example process of punch-hole rolling. For this purpose, the 3D servo press is used, whereby a three-dimensional movement of the tool is realized and the degrees of freedom as well as internal control of the press are used for process control. Material properties and geometry are recorded online by the sensors integrated in the tool and the use of order-reduced models. These then serve as actual values for process control, which use the mechanical degrees of freedom to react to the reference variables. The reference variables are mainly common variables that can be represented by drawing specifications, such as geometry, hardness and surface roughness. The following sub-goals are planned for the first funding phase: Construction of a time-dependent FE-model, development of an experimental tool, implementation of a geometry control, validation of the simulation results by means of metallographic investigations, implementation of an offline single-variable control as well as the quantification of disturbance variables.

[1] Manufactured tool installed in the press


Institute for Production Technology and Forming Machines, PtU Darmstadt

Project management: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. Peter Groche

Employees:Maximilian Knoll, knoll(at)

Institute for Applied Materials – Materials Science (IAM-WK)

Project management: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Volker Schulze

Employees: Fabian Mühl, fabian.muehl(at)