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The competence center mid tier 4.0 in Darmstadt, which is funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi), is the central contact for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the Rhine-Main area for all topics related to Industry 4.0, starting from sensor technology and digitization to data analysis and AI-applications. The aim of the competence centre is to transfer knowledge from AI research to industry in order to gain know-how and new specialist skills within the companies. The range of free services includes:

  • Removal of barriers to digitisation by providing initial information
  • Identification, analysis and qualification of practical application areas for AI-applications in the field of production and forming technology
  • Support and realization of implementation projects

Regular information events for an exchange of experience as well as workshops and trainings for knowledge transfer online and in the industry-related environment, the Centre for Industrial Prodjuctivity (CiP) complement the service spectrum.


Artificial intelligence and machine learning are currently shaping industrial progress. These technologies are no longer just future trends, they can already be used for more effective and competitive productions. The use of intelligent data analysis with the help of AI-applications is a big challenge especially for SMEs in production and forming technology due to the high complexity as well as lower available resources compared to multinational companies.

For this reason, the competence center mid tier 4.0 in Darmstadt has set itself the task of supporting SMEs in questions of digitisation through the AI-Trainer programme. The scope of services ranges from entry level support to targeted resource planning, implementation and further development of AI in production processes. This provides companies with the opportunity to access concentrated know-how and to reduce obstacles to the entry and further development of AI applications.


The aim of the KI-Trainer programm is to sensitise, advice and train SMEs in questions relating to digitisation, linkage and AI-applications. For this purpose, regular events in form of expert discussions, training courses and workshops take place. Knowledge from research projects are conveyed first-hand to SMEs in an industry-oriented environment, the CiP. In implementation projects, SMEs have the opportunity to adopt and transfer this knowledge.


In order to convey topics of digitization the competence center mid tier 4.0 in Darmstadt focuses on practical solution and benefit orientation in its AI-Trainer programm. The use of best practice examples and demonstrators has proven to be useful. In addition, SMEs receive initial information based on research projects by specialist presentations. During these training sessions, there is the opportunity to exchange information about the benefits, possible fields of application and challenges in a concrete implementation. Action oriented workshops show the potential of Industry 4.0-solutions for SMEs. After the identification of possible digitization applications within the companies, a direct implementation in own production field can take place if desired. The aim is to implement tailor-made Industry 4.0 solutions directly in the company.

The Institute for Production and Forming technology (PtU) supervises training courses, workshops, technical lectures and implementation projects. The next events are:

19.10.2020 Workshop Predictive condition monitoring and control methods

30.11.2020 Workshop Predictive condition monitoring and control methods

Participating institutes and associations

A total of eigth partners from science and practice are involved in the competence center mid tier 4.0 project, who are pooling their expertise on digitization and industry 4.0 topics.


Make the first step towards industry 4.0 today. The AI-Trainer oft he competence center mid tier 4.0 in Darmstadt are looking forward hearing from you:

Christian Kubik

Richard Werner

Funding and Acknowledgement

The AI-Trainer program oft he competence center mid tier 4.0 in Darmstadt i spart oft he funding initiative „mid tier 4.0 – Digital Production and Work Processes“, which is funded by the BMWi within the funding priority „Mid tier-Digital – Strategies fort he digital transformation of business processes“.




We thank all companies and industrial partners who have placed their trust in us.

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