Field trip with the winners of the TdF case study "Factory Planning” to the Werner Schmid GmbH in Fulda


Field trip with the winners of the TdF case study "Factory Planning” to the Werner Schmid GmbH in Fulda

Accompanying the lecture “Production Technology” the PtU offers a total of six case studies. These include a task that is set in cooperation with an industrial company and can be worked on by the students (teams) on a voluntary basis.


Thus, the acquired knowledge can already be transferred to industrial applications in the first semester. In addition, the case studies provide a first insight into possible sectors of the later occupational field.

The first case study of this year's winter semester was entitled “Factory Planning” and took place in cooperation with the Werner Schmid GmbH in Fulda. The students were asked to develop a factory layout for the injection molding production, which will probably move to larger facilities in the near future. From the numerous submissions, the best three were chosen in the lecture and the winners were invited to go on a field trip to the partner company on 12 November 2018.

In Fulda the winners were welcomed by the managing director of the Werner Schmid GmbH, Mr. Joachim Hauß. First, he briefly introduced the company and showed numerous components of the plastic and metal production, so that the students got a direct insight into the product portfolio and its special features. The winners then got the chance to present their own concepts, which offered plenty of potential for the following discussion. This was rounded off by the presentation of the current planning status by WS. This visit was concluded with a plant tour. Starting with construction and toolmaking, the students were able to gain an insight into plastics and metal production right through to post-processing, so that the complete production process was demonstrated.

We would like to thank the Werner Schmid GmbH and especially Mr. Hauß for their hospitality and interesting insights into toolmaking as well as injection molding and metal production.

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