System for hot gas forming

System for Hot Gas Forming

For hydroforming at elevated temperatures, hydraulic media are less suitable because of the occurring thermal decomposition. If temperatures of more than 300 °C are required during forming, gaseous media can be used. For this purpose, a high-pressure compressor is used in the system at the PtU, which provides air with a pressure of up to 300 bar. The pressure medium is introduced into the heated workpiece via high-temperature-resistant axial cylinders. The shaping tools are heated to the desired temperature by means of heating cartridges. A thermally insulated press with a pressing force of up to 600 kN is used to close the tools.


  • Closing force of the press: 600 kN ≙ 60 t
  • Force of the axial cylinders: 150 kN
  • Medium pressure for hydroforming: 300 bar
  • Maximum temperature: 580 °C