Excursion with the winners of the case study »troubleshooting« to Kamax


Excursion with the winners of the case study »troubleshooting« to Kamax

On February 14, the excursion with the best participants of the case study »troubleshooting in the screw manufacturing« took place.

Kamax Exkursion
Winners of the case study

The company Kamax GmbH & Co. KG, placed in Homberg (Ohm), was the industrial partner for this case study and therefor the destination of the excursion. Kamax sees itself as a technologically leading manufacturer of high-strength fasteners for the automotive industry.

As part of the excursion, the students were given an insight about the company at first. Then they had the opportunity to discuss the results of their case study with a team of experts by Kamax. Following the students visited the plant and the research & development department. Finally, the students received an insight about the entry opportunities at Kamax.

Case studies are tasks which are voluntarily solved by students or student teams during the lecture »Technology of manufacturing processes«. These tasks are created in close cooperation with industrial companies. Thus, the mechanical engineering students are enabled to gather first experiences in applying their theoretical knowledge to the industrial application as early as in their first semester. Thereby, the students gain insights into their future professional field.

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