Succesful disputation!


In the context of a digital disputation, Matthias Moneke successfully defends his dissertation on the topic of “Characterization of process-related residual stresses and profile deformations during the cutting of roll-formed components” on May 11, 2021.

Mr. Moneke provides a significant contribution to the understanding of the technical-scientific fundamentals in roll forming. In his doctoral examination, Mr. Moneke shows that the strongly experience-based process design and troubleshooting during the setup of a process can be shortened by a knowledge-based consideration of residual stresses. Beginning with an examination of the forming of a U-section, the characteristic distribution of residual stresses responsible for the header is derived as a function of various process parameters. From this, Mr. Moneke develops an explanatory model for mapping the stresses during forming and the resulting stress curves. As part of his doctoral thesis, Mr. Moneke is extending this model for more complex geometries and deriving suitable measures to reduce these residual stresses through targeted plastic forming.

The PtU would like to thank Mr. Moneke for his many years of commitment and wishes him all the best and much success for his professional and private future.