Demonstrator for digitization in metal formingforming


Forming technology is known for machines, presses and massive tools that weigh tons. Here it is often a matter to bring high-strength steels precisely into shape, meaning working at the edge. This goes hand in hand with high tool wear and the need for precise quality control.

Digitization and artificial intelligence (AI) in metal forming technology offer solutions for these problems. At the Institute for Production Engineering and Forming Machines, a multi-sensor demonstrator tool for real-time recording of process variables during shear cutting was developed. With this tool, the potential of digitization in forming technology can already be shown today. The process becomes intelligent through the use of sensors and associated data evaluation methods from the area of machine learning.

In the current video you will learn which methods are used and which possibilities are still waiting for industry. In addition, the demonstrator can also be experienced live as part of events at the Mittelstand 4.0-Competence Center in Darmstadt.

Digitization and AI in forming technology