Excursion with the winners of the TdF case study „Casting Optimization” to DOERING GmbH in Sinn


As part of the lecture “Production Technology”, an excursion with the case study winners to DOERING GmbH in Sinn took place on 16 th November 2018. In the third case study of the lecture, the students worked on a task for the casting design of a cast component while avoiding casting defects. The cast component (head of a press) was viewed during the excursion to the excitement of the students.

The excursion was based on the manufacturing process of a cast component. Beginning with the production of the molten cast iron in the cupola furnace through model making to the spectacular casting of a component with subsequent post-processing, all stations of the production process were viewed. This allowed the students to gain an insight into the production process and the daily routine of a foundry. Finally, the casting process of the component considered in the case study was presented using a casting process simulation from the real development process, which was a successful conclusion to an interesting excursion.

The PtU and the participating students would like to thank DOERING GmbH for the successful cooperation and the excellent excursion.