Completion of the 3D servo press


After more than 10 years of development and production, the multi-technology machine 3D Servo Press was completed at the beginning of 2018.

In addition to numerous student assistants who supported the 3D Servo Press project, a total of 10 employees of the institute worked on the development, planning and coordination of the press over the period. The design and assembly of the 22000 individual parts are documented on more than 900 technical drawings. During the three funding periods of the Collaborative Research Centre 805, 28 publications with and around the 3D Servo Press were published. The research version has a press force of 1.600 kN (160 t). Currently, the institute is in the final stage of providing the infrastructural measures for the delivery and commissioning of the press. Until delivery, the press is stored at the assembling company. The first presentation took place within the framework of the “13th Umformtechnisches Kolloquium Darmstadt”. Under the theme “Ten-year triathlon of the 3D Servo Press”, the following video was produced for this purpose, in which the development history is documented.